A message to all you cats in the New York area out there - THANKS. Did You Know? Ill Nino's track "What Comes Around", off their debut release Revolution...Revolucion, was #88 on K-ROCK NYC's Top 92.3 Songs Of The Year (of course, 92.3 is the station's frequency). It's true. Not bad for a song that was on the air for 3 weeks prior to this chart being made. Ahhh, #88...a great number with great company to keep. Let's see, who else was #88? Ahhh, the great Steeler wide receiver Lynn Swann...the Giants receiver Steven Baker 'The Touchdown Maker', Cowboy great Michael Irvin, and yes, you can probably include concussion case hockey player Eric Lindros on that list too (speaking of whom, did you know that if you do a spell check on 'Lindros', the word that comes up is 'Laundress'? It's true). To #88, a great place to start. debut release Revolution...Revolucion in stores now currently on tour with Kittie and Chimaira