All right, so you are checking out the Kemuri band page on the U.S. Roadrunner website. For those of you who do not know, Kemuri is a Japanese punk/ska band. Hence, they are really managed out of the Roadrunner Japan office. However, because of their following in the States and the validity of them as a great band at what they play, they are also part of our Roadrunner U.S. repoitoire. Now, back to the "managed out of Japan" mention...Since they are managed from our Japan office, their bio was written there as well. I presume the bio was originally written in Japanese, however I receive it from the Japan office in English. Who translates it? I do not know! You will notice that it reads a bit 'funny' at times I did try to edit it the best I could, however to keep the feel and flavor for the Japanese aspect, I did not re-write the piece fully in our English lingo. So read, enjoy, and understand.