True Story Chimaira have been practicing tirelessly each and every day for their upcoming tour with Spineshank, Ill Nino, and Sw1tched. Going about business as usual today (06/01), Mark Hunter (vocals) was getting ready to head out to the band's rehearsal space in beautiful downtown Cleveland when he got a call from Rob Arnold (guitars). And it went a little something like this - "Mark, practice is canceled for today," Rob informed. Mark legitimately questioned, "What you talkin' bout?" Turns out that Jason Hager (guitars) got himself some married this morning to his longtime girlfriend Jamie. Nobody had even the slightest idea this was happening - a shock to say the least! Plus, "If you knew this dude," Mark tells, "he is the least likely candidate to ever get married." Heartiest CONGRATULATIONS go out to Jason Hager and his new wife Jamie. All the best! As for the afterglow? Instead of band practice today, there will be a wedding reception tonight. And tomorrow it is back to rehearsal... True Story