You have no idea how many emails we have received over the past couple months from people asking where they can get Slipknot merch online...if you were one of the many cats whom wrote us, this update is for you. Here's the story, you used to be able to buy Slipknot threads online via Blue Grape, but when Slipknot's merch was switched to a company called Winterland, that ended (Winterland does not do mail order, at least not to individuals). Well, due in large part to your emails, Blue Grape now has a Slipknot merch section up and running online. Check it out and see what's new. The link is HERE...or you can always click on MERCHANDISE on Slipknot's Artist Page. This one's for you. random fact - back by his drum kit, Slipknot's Clown keeps a 'ratty, disiccated' goat head, named Eeyore no less. Clown says "he's gonna be around forever, but he's gonna deteriorate. One ear is gone, the other ear's almost gone, and I'm sure he won't have any hair by the time this is over - he's been on fire a couple times." So, where did Clown get this goat head? "That can never be revealed." new release IOWA in stores now