Remember The Workhorse Movement? Of course you do...else you probably wouldn't be reading this story right now. Anyway, as you all should know by now, after the breakup of The Workhorse Movement, Myron (vocals), Freedom (guitar) and Pete (bass) enlisted drummer Jeremiah Pilbeam and have started a new band, The Dirty Americans. Word is that The Dirty Americans just finished recording a 7 track demo. Song titles are as follows: Burn You Down Man Likes Me Chico Snowman Superfree Comin' Undone Powderburn And the band has been good enough to share a couple of these new tracks with us. You can download MP3's of these tracks at their website HERE. Word is also that The Dirty Americans will be playing a couple shows in the near future...have yet to see The Dirty Americans show, but the pedigree that these cats hold, you can't go wrong by checking them out. Current dates are as follows: 27-October-2001 Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI 03-Novemeber-2001 St. Andrews Hall - Detroit, MI 15-Novemeber-2001 Emerald Theatre - Mt. Clemens, MI