We've written about it before, and will do it now once again - Five Pointe O is playing this weekend at the Metro in Chicago (3730 N. CLARK/ALL AGES SHOW). This Saturday night (01/05) showing will mark the first live performance of 2002 for the band. Here are the exact details: - Saturday, Jan 5th - doors open @ 6:00pm - show starts @ 6:30pm - bands playing, in order of appearance, are: Godsize, Hotwire, Nora, and of course, Five Pointe O. And speak of the devil, no more than 10 minutes ago Marketing Matt dropped off a cd ref of the new Five Pointe O release to all marketing nerds in the company. It's true. So, if you have the means, get to the show this weekend to hear what 2002 will be like. Tickets can still be purchased online through Ticketmaster. OR, if you are a gambling man, word has it the band has 20 tickets which they will be giving away the day of the show - to the FIRST 20 PEOPLE IN LINE WITHOUT TICKETS (this will be done 15 minutes prior to the opening of the club doors). Enjoy the show.