Some news for you Coal Chamber fans out there...Coming this Spring we will be releasing some sides of Coal Chamber you have probably never heard: B-sides from the first, second, and third Coal Chamber albums as well as some unreleased material that has never been heard. "I have numerous unheard tracks as well as over 100 live shows recorded to dat," relays Dez in a conversation after talking with Meegs about what they'd like to put on the album. "We would definitely like to see some live stuff on this album, as Coal Chamber has always been a live band first." Dez continues, "in other news, while I am working on my project Deathride, and Meegs is working on a side project of his own, we have jointly come together and spoken about another Coal Chamber album. Meegs has already written 3-4 new tracks and Nadja will begin going over to Meegs' house next week to lay her bass tracks. So you never know...there might be something in the works quicker than we think. "There's room in this world for a lot of music, and it looks like you're going to be getting a lot of music from us. By the way, Coal Chamber's new drummer is exceptional." b-sides of Coal Chamber coming Spring 2003, Deathride coming Summer 2003