It might appear that I have other things on my mind..


ESM (Eastern Surf Magazine) digs The Parlor Mob and decided to write a review on their debut album, And You Were A Crow.

"From the opening one-two punch of “Hard Times” and “Dead Wrong,” The Parlor Mob ventures off into sparkling indie rock on “Everything You’re Breathing For,” where you’ll hear the most obvious Jack White comparison. “The Kids” recalls Wolfmother with a fire lit under their Aussie ass, while the blistering epic “Tide Of Tears” builds on a weeping blues riff to maximize the potential of its eight-minute running time. Other headbangers include the pounding “Real Hard Headed” and the Motorhead-like stutter of “Bullet,” while acoustic slow burners “When I Was An Orphan” and “Can’t Keep No Good Boy Down” hearken back to the heavy-folk heyday of Page and Plant."

Surf's up!

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