The Parlor Mob guitarist David Rosen was interviewed by the  website Straight Up Random recently, when the band was in Orlando (you can see footage from their set that night at this link). He talks about the lengthy stretch of time between their debut album, 2008's And You Were a Crow, and this one; the band's new bassist, Anthony Chick; the recording process; and much more.

Says Rosen, "it just took us a little longer than we expected to really be happy with the songs that we were writing...We got a new bass player during the mix, that kind of killed probably two months or so. I don’t know, there was a lot of physical issues – our rehearsal space went under; we had nowhere to rehearse for a while; that ate up a month or so. There was some logistical problems like that, but mostly we just wanted to be really completely satisfied with the songs that we were writing."

Regarding new bassist Chick, the guitarist says, "he’s the only guy in the band who has any sort of musical training. None of us took any lessons or know anything about what we’re doing, at all. He’s a music teacher when we’re home; he teaches little kids for like a music school thing. So, I mean, he knows a lot of stuff like that which proves helpful from time to time [laughs]...He’s one of our best friends, and we’ve known him our whole lives to begin with, so that was sort of one big thing in hiring him. “Hiring” him – you know, asking him to join the band; we didn’t have to meet someone new and try to figure out who they are and see if we’re going to be able to gel with them creatively and personally and everything because you know, you’ve got to spend a lot of time with this person, and he’s already one of our best friends, so."

It's a long, fairly in-depth interview, and well worth your time. Go check the whole thing out at this link. The Parlor Mob's new CD, Dogs, is in stores now.