Since releasing the debut album And You Were a Crow in the spring of 2008, The Parlor Mob toured incessantly for a little over a year. And once they finished their mission to bring their music to the masses last winter, the guys began on another journey: to write a new record... An arduous task which resulted in a line-up change.

Writes the band from their official website, "We spent the dead of winter locked away near our home in NJ, recording demos and trying new and different things with our ideas. At some point in this process, a schism developed and we ended up parting ways amicably with our bassist Nick Villapiano. There was nothing personal about it, and we are still the best of friends. Nick is now playing in a band called Atlantic, Atlantic, and we are all very close and we encourage you to check them out. They're a fantastic band. After continuing writing for a while with no bass player, we ended up with another one of our best friends joining the band. His name is Anthony Chick and we're excited to have him as a full time member.

"Our friend Matt Radosevich, who engineered the first record and with whom we've remained extremely close, is going to be producing this album. We've been working with him doing pre-production for a bit now, and starting tomorrow we'll be doing two more weeks of thorough pre-pro. When that's done, it will be time to make the record.

"The process that brought us here with these songs was long, extremely intense and emotionally heavy, and we're fully aware it took a bit longer than expected, but the recording process we plan on making fast, spontaneous and equally as emotionally charged. We're currently more powerful than we've ever been, and feel more strongly about these songs than we ever have about anything in our career.

We cannot wait to bring you this record."

Stay tuned for much more on the band coming very soon, and if you haven't already been acquainted with their brilliant brew of classically-charged, bluesy rock n' roll, listen below.