In the proud tradition of many a previous Roadrunner act, Spineshank get their crack at a digipak release. On July 24, 2001 Spineshank's The Height Of Callousness will be released with new artwork in a digipak version with enhancements. It's true! Click HERE see Spineshank approving the artwork for this piece last week. There will be four new tracks added to this piece - "Perfect Ending" (b-side) "Full Circle" (b-side) "The Height Of Callousness (Fist Fuck Integrity Mix)" "Asthmatic (Punctured Lung Mix)" note - the 2 b-sides should be called A-sides...great tracks! note - the 2 remixes were done by Dave "Rave" Ogilvie. Where the titles of the mixes came from, we will track that down for you! DOUBLE NOTE - for those of you who already bought the jewel version of The Height Of Callousness we will be putting those 4 bonus tracks on the Roadrunner site here as downloads for you. And last, the enhanced portion of this disc will feature the videos for "Synthetic" and "New Disease".