So, today is Tuesday (09/25). You know what Tuesdays mean don't ya? Tuesday is the one day of the week when all the record labels put out their new releases, kinda like having Christmas day once a week...pending how you look at it... Sure, some labels may throw out releases that you stick you nose up at, much like when you receive that hand knit sweater from Aunt Ester each and every December 25th. Anyone ever call you 'sweaterhead' because of it? Anyway, on this semi-Christmas day of September 25th, we offer you the following three gifts: Spineshank - a re-release of their The Height Of Callousness cd. This time, in digipak format with expanded art, 4 extra tracks (2 b-sides from the original sessions and 2 re-mixes), and the videos to both "Synthetic" and "New Disease". Currently, Spineshank is already working on next year's present as they are writing new songs for the next release. Faust - aha! and what is it we have over here??? Why it's the soundtrack to the movie Faust, of course, a classic horror flick in the vein of SPAWN meets DEMON KNIGHTS, based upon the underground, yet immensely popular comic book by Tim Vigil and David Quinn. It is a virtual splatterfest filled with disembowelment, decapitations, and enough bare breasts to set your watch to! And the music on this soundtrack to go along with the movie screams the same - 19 tracks from ALL Roadrunner acts. Track listing is as follows: 1. Fear Factory - Replica 2. Coal Chamber - Loco 3. Brujeria - Colas de Rata 4. Sepultura - Old Earth 5. Type O Negative - Everyone I Love is Dead 6. Machine Head - Take My Scars 7. Vision of Disorder - By the River 8. Obituary - Chopped in Half 9. Cradle of Filth - From the Cradle to Enslave 10. Soulfly - Bleed 11. Ill Nino - Nothing's Clear 12. Spineshank - Asthmatic 13. Sepultura - Choke 14. Amen - Everything is Untrue 15. Glassjaw - Babe 16. Nailbomb - For Fuck's Sake 17. Deicide - Bible Basher 18. Carnivore - Sex & Violence 19. Fear Factory - Timelessness we do ask that you don't play this around the Christmas dinner table...(now was that a cheesy line or what???) Deicide - AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, what holiday would be complete without a little evil? Much like your bastard Uncle Walt, the only cat permitted to light up and bring the smoldering coals of tobacco, billowing clouds of smoke and remains of demon spawned ash into the house, we present to you Deicide's latest offering - In Torment In Hell. A half hour of music in which Glen Benton & Co. leave no stone unturned and no major religious figure unburned in their incendiary attack on organized religion, the government and just about everyone else who sucks. Fear not, Deicide isn't like your Uncle Walt - all fat and bloated with age - instead on In Torment In Hell, they lean and mean, stripped down and as pissed off as ever. Oh yeah...careful what you wish for kids... ALL OF THE ABOVE RELEASES OUT NOW