So, you like to hang out in the parking lots do ya? Sure ya do, who doesn't? It's all part of going to a show. So, if you are one of these cats hangin in the lot, know this - word has it that Slipknot will be hitting the stage at 9:30pm during the weekday (Sun thru Thurs) Pledge Of Allegiance shows, and at 10:30pm on the weekend shows (Fri & Sat). If you don't like to hang in the parking lot, doors open at 5:00pm for the weekday shows and at 6:00pm for the weekend shows. of course, this being the world of touring, this can always be subject to change...but the above is the plan Hey, did you know that we are 4 shows into Pledge Of Allegiance tour? One of our regionals caught the act earlier this week...his quote was "...the show is awesome...this is something you just don't see with anything else..." Check the TOUR section for a full listing of Pledge dates... IOWA in stores now