Alright, we are going to make you do a little searching here...kind of like a treasure hunt... As you are well aware, since July 19th Ill Nino has been touring the Midwest with Chimaira and Factory 81. Tonight, they play the hotspot that is Sauget, IL. Just a week into their current tour, how has the band been adjusting to the lifestyle differences than what they are accustomed to back in Jersey? The cuisine in particular? Your assignment RIGHT NOW is to check out the news page at and read the July 25th posting. Now that you have read it (you must read it otherwise this will not make sense), we leave you with one last thought, our very own Raynger (Director Of Business Affairs) refutes their claims, stating the following - "there is actually a big Mexican contingent in Wisconsin." True? Perhaps Ill Nino will find out... One last, last thought - thanks to the good people at Disgusted Network, we have photos from the inaugural show on Ill Nino's current travels (7/19/2001 at O'neils in Rockford, IL). The pics can be seen HERE.