Welcome to this week's Update From The World Of Metal Radio - us interviewing our own metal radio guru, Amy. This week we shall learn that Killswitch Engage is indeed the real deal, and look back on a night we shall never forget... Ladies and gentleman, you can hear her voice carry throughout the office. Without further adieu, we welcome back Amy: Roadrunner: What tattoo will always remain a classic - mom, an anchor, or an 8 ball with flames coming out the back? Amy: A faded anchor on the wrinkled forearm of an old man who was once a sailor...and he must cuss a lot. Roadrunner: What's the metal radio situation? Amy: Killswitch Engage is #1 everywhere, and showing no signs of fading. Roadrunner: Why do you suppose there is such a great reaction to this album at metal radio? Amy: This is what metal radio wants - it's current yet classic. Metal radio plays heavy music, and this is fuckin' heavy. Roadrunner: Yeah, that's what she said...What's you're favorite song on the album? Amy: My favorite song? You ever ask a mom who her favorite child is? Roadrunner: Are you trying to show signs of wit? Amy: Yes, baby. Roadrunner: Well, don't. In my country you'd be dead by now...What's your favorite song, damn it? Amy: I must yield to your will, "To The Sons Of Man". But I also love "My Last Serenade", "Numbered Days", "Vide Infra"... Roadrunner: Easy honey, I only asked for one. Nonetheless, kudos to Killswitch Engage on a great record. And now, another direction...we all had a most glorious evening last night. Amy, would you mind telling everyone why that was? Amy: We were fraternizing with filthy animals. Also known as porno starlets. Roadrunner: Yes, yes indeed...but nothing filthy about them...they were the sweetest, most lovely creatures we may ever come in contact with. Amy: WE? As I recall, YOU were begging ME for access to the V.I.P. lounge in the club. Roadrunner: Yeah, and a lot of good that fuckin' did...thanks for nothin'. At this point in time, however, I must give a shout out to Barb at Revolver Magazine (the world's loudest rock magazine, indeed). Thank you. Amy: And I'd like to give a shout out to the lovely Jenna Jameson for whisking me away for the rest of the evening, way into the wee hours of the morning. Geez, I'm tired. disclaimer: everything you've read is true, even Jenna Jameson's presence last night at Revolver's party (along with Taylor Hayes and 3 other Vivid Video beauts)...but as for Jenna 'whisking' Amy away, perhaps that would be taken best with a grain of salt.