Ill Nino, currently on tour with Coal Chamber and Drowning Pool, will be making a pit stop at Tune Town in Tewksbury, Massachusetts for a meet and greet before their show later that night at Tsonga's Arena. YES...for quite possibly the first time, Ill Nino will be doing a meet & greet at a record store outside the state of New Jersey. Did we mention free pizza and gifts? Details for this outing, THIS FRIDAY (03/22), are as follows: Ill Nino Friday 3/22 - 4:00 PM Pizza Party, Meet & Greet at Tune Town 1875 MAIN ST TEWKSBURY, MA Phone: 978-851-3799 Receive a Free T-Shirt, Jagermeister shot glass, or Ill Nino Video w/purchase of Ill Nino's Revolution...Revolucion C'mon now, why the hell wouldn't you go??? See what those in J-E-R-S-E-Y and across the world have been raving about...ILL NINO...FRIDAY...TUNE TOWN...4:00pm. if not in Massachusetts, check out our TOUR section for a complete listing of Ill Nino tour dates