and the headlines read THE REVOLUTION HAS EVOLVED... Fear Factory's current US tour, dubbed The Evolution Of Revolution tour, has just confirmed its 2 final stops. They are as follows - July 23rd - Calgary, Alberta - The Palace July 24th - Edmonton, Alberta - Reds Now, as with many things posted in this business, the news up above contains 2 lies. Can you spot them? Don't think too hard, here they are: Lie #1) The writing says "Fear Factory's current US tour"...which is true, however the two new dates posted above take the band across the border. Lie #2) The above writing also states that this tour "has just confirmed its 2 final stops". Though quite possibly this could be true, there is a chance of just one last, final date being added...something on the West Coast. And that's the truth! See our TOUR section for full date details.