Well, it's here...La Revolucion has begun... Tuesday, September 18th, Ill Nino's utterly smokin' debut Revolution...Revolucion will be in stores. This is your wake up call to go and get this bad boy. A note to Marlon S, 'remember when we said we'd send you the Ill Nino disc on street date? We didn't lie'. As promised, a copy went out in the mail to you today for nabbing that question a couple months back. As for the rest of you cats, this truly is a must get... Before we leave you for the day, to go to sleep with sweet visions of Ill Nino in your head, we invite you to check out the Ill Nino Story which we have been featuring in the Wildcard section of our site over the past couple weeks. Read their story from beginning to now: Part I - Ill Nino Meets Roadrunner Part II - The Signing Of Ill Nino Part III - The Making Of Revolution...Revolucion