Coal Chamber - on tour now, new release coming this Summer... Can you believe it? Coal Chamber is indeed on the road, touring. Want proof? We have places for you to go... The Road Traveled 1 - Check out the online home of Revolver Magazine, In particular, THIS link. Photos shoot during their most recent show at Chicago's House Of Blues on March 28th. 2 - Check out what has up, in particular, THIS link. These photos come from their March 24th show in Pontiac, MI. 4 - And of course, check out the Coal Chamber PHOTO GALLERY we have here on the Roadrunner website - some 'hot' black & white pics from a man by the name of Pops Stentor, and a few color pics from Nikki George. Seven new pics in total. for more dates on Coal Chamber's current tour (the Jagermeister tour featuring Ill Nino and Drowning Pool), search our TOUR section. The Road Ahead Coal Chamber's current travels on the Jager tour conclude later this month on April 23rd in New Orleans. After that, looks as if the band will be making a couple stops on their drive back to LA, playing a couple more show before album release - possibly 2 in (don't mess with) Texas and another in Tucson. Then, a midnight show in LA either the night of the Dark Days release, or the night after. More detail to follow once plans are confirmed. new Coal Chamber Dark Days in stores May 7th