Tuesday, February 20th 2001, ended up being a historic day for Sepultura - on the above date their 1996 release ROOTS was certified GOLD in the UK (100,000 units) and their 1991 release ARISE was certified SILVER in the UK (60,000 units). Congratulations to the band and to YOU, the fans. In other news, in preparation for the upcoming March 20th release of NATION, Sepultura have been busy answering questions from y'all during their European promo trip...What is the inspiration behind NATION? What does the band do to 'chill out'? What was playing at Rock In Rio like? All the answers to these questions and more can be found from their webcast at Dotmusic. Also, Ask Andreas is now posted under the Q&A section of the Roadrunner UK site. Check it out. Enjoy.