Roadrunner's own, Pat Lowe, cornered the members of SEPULTURA in the Roadrunner conference room for a short interview during their Studio Reports in NYC. The band was mixing NATION until 2-3am every night while they were here and doing interviews all day. Despite their exhaustion, they persevered. IC = Igor Cavalera (drums) AK = Andreas Kisser (Guitar) PP = Paulo Pinto (Bass) DG = Derrick Green (vocals) Enjoy... How have Derrick's and the rest of the band's roles become different from the last album, AGAINST, to this new one, NATION? AK - We all had an idea of what kind of person we wanted in the band, we wanted somebody new, a new personality and everything. The result of that is what we have today, we grew and really changed, we just got better, through touring and everything as a new band. I think it can be felt on the songs on the new album, we are more of a band on this album than from all the confusion that was going on during AGAINST. That's the main thing, it was just time, time that made us to become, closer and better. How was it living back in Brazil recording the Album? IC - It was a lot fun. Just being close to home and working in the studio close to home in San Paulo. It made it a lot easier for us just to be relaxed and write most of the material. It just worked out really great. When was the last time you recorded down there? IC - It was during '89 for "Beneath The Remains". We recorded that in Rio. So that was 11 years ago. What did Producer Steve Evetts bring to the making of "Nation"? IC - He was a very important key on the whole album. He came in also in a stage where we were just finishing writing most of the main material but there was still a lot of stuff to be done vocally and also arranging to the parts we already had. He was a big part of it for arranging and not only for just recording but being there beforehand so we could structure the songs better. Is there a concept behind "Nation"? AK - Pretty much. Roots was not really a conceptual album, but it just turned out to be that way, with all of the root influences. This one is really based around a specific concept, creating a new Nation. A nation of no borders, no wars, no guns, and religious freedom and all that stuff. Something that never happened before, and it's very difficult to happen today. The message is very powerful, all the songs, the whole album is connected to the construction of this new Nation. What does the song "Border Wars" talk about? DG - Well, you have so many borders in this world, and people come and keep people out or keep people in. It's about time we start thinking about opening these borders, you know, embracing the different cultures around us. That song is primarily about that, about doing whatever is necessary to create a unified world, globally. And with the Internet, everything is making the planet so much smaller, but still, we are becoming caged in a lot more. Border Wars is about different borders and going all over to battle for land, it's just fucked up. Did you enjoy going out on TATTOO THE EARTH? Did you develop any special relationships with any bands you were on the road with? IC - Yeah, especially HATEBREED. We really enjoyed their music before, and we finally had the chance to tour with them with Tattoo the Earth. We really got connected with them there, and it ended up being a collaboration of Jamey (Jasta) singing one of the songs on the new album. Which song is he on? IC - It's called "Human Cause" and both him and Derek both sing on the song. I think it's always good to see new bands that really come up and are strong, have a good live performance, and they are really about all of that, and for us it was just great. And we also knew that they were really big Selpultura fans from back in the day, so it was a lot of fun. You are also going to perform at this year's huge "Rock in Rio" festival in Brazil? How excited are you guys? IC - YEAH, we want to kick Armenia's ass in soccer, that's the main goal for Rock in Rio!!! The main thing really will be to kick off the NATION campaign with this really huge show in South America. Their will be media from all over the world covering it and we are gonna have all over our fans there really representing really hard for SEPULTURA, it's gonna be killer. You guys played at the last festival right? IC - Yeah, the last one was 11 years ago. We played with Gun's N Roses, Megadeth, Judas Priest. PP - and Queensryche. Yeah? PP - We were the first band to play and open the festival. The crowd went nuts. So the crowd went nuts for you guys. What happened with the next band? AK - Yeah, the crowd loved the metal stuff, but they weren't really a Metal band. So the crowd threw rocks and bottles and anything else they could get their hands on. PP - Haha!!! Yeah they only lasted for 1 song. AK - Yeah, they actually had to leave the stage in the middle of a song for fear of their lives. You guys mentioned before that you have Jamey from HATEBREED singing on the album, is there anybody else you are collaborating with? IC - Yeah, there is many different people. Like Jello Biafara (Dead Kennedys) is working with us on a song called POLITRICKS. We have a band from Finland, which is not your normal band, but four cello players, called APOCOLYPITICA. They did a song with Andreas called "Valtio." And there's a few Brazilian friends of ours who play all through the album. There is also of course DR. ISRAEL doing a jam to the song TRIBE TO A NATION. Derek, so you are living now down in Brazil right? DG - YES!!! Permanently? DG - Yeah, well you know, that's where we have been working. That's where I have been for the past year, I love it there. IC - We have adopted him. DG - I definitely adopted there. It's hard to actually leave there. So is it your new home? DG - Yeah, definitely. IC - We have adopted a new Brazilian!!! ( whole band laughs) Alright, this next question is for Paulo? PP - Uh Oh. How much is the most Paulo has ever drank? Whole band - WHOAAA!!!!! HAHAHA!!!! PP - Whoa. (Thinks deeply for a few seconds). One time, it was only with beer, about 2 ½ days straight. 2 ½ days of drinking beer? PP - Yes, straight drinking beer. But it took another 2 days of recovering after that. There is a rumor that you also drank 10 bottles of wine too. Paulo - 13. 13? PP - Yep. How long did that take you? PP - Oh, only 2 hours? From 8:00 at night to 12:00 the next day. Really? So you remember that, you didn't black out at all? PP - No, no. I only black out when I mix it up with different stuff. So if you stick to the wine and the beer you don't get violent or anything? PP - Just wine or just beer, no problem. But when you mix them, that's when bad stuff happens. What kind of gear do the band members use? DG - Crates and Turntables boy!!! (HaHa) AK - Mesa Boogie Tri Axis, Rocktron, Dunlop, umm, APJ mics, Sans Amps. Paulo, what kind of Bass gear do you use? PP - On the whole album , I used only 2 guitars during recording. I try to stick basically to the live set up that we use when we perform. IC - I use Pearl drums, and Axis Pedals, Zildijian cymbals and Vic Firth sticks. DG - I don't care, give me any mic. I don't care about that stuff, haha. Just give me any damn microphone. I noticed you guys recorded a couple of cover songs for the album. IC - We did Annihilation by Crucifix, an old hardcore American band. Rise Above from Black Flag. We also did Bela Logousi's Dead by Bauhaus, which I think will be on the album, the other 2 will probably be B-sides. What inspired you to cover Bauhaus? IC - It's just an idea we had of covering that song. When I heard it, I thought of some real tribal drumming being done to the original version. Any final words before we go? Whole band - Yeah check out our web site!!!! IC - I think the main things is to be connected, because a lot of info will be coming through the site. And the campaign for this album is really gonna be done by our fans and will be connected to ALL of the Sepultura sites, they will be able to get as much info as possible to help push forward NATION. See you on tour!!!