So, got a line from Roadrunner's resident Queen Of Metal today. The subject, 36 Crazyfists. See, said Queen Of Metal also happens to run our metal and specialty radio department here at Roadrunner. She tells that the track "At The End Of August" (from 36 CF's upcoming early-2004 A Snow Capped Romance release) is a top 10 track at WSOU, a BIG, respected college station in South Orange, NJ...then again, what isn't big & respected in J-E-R-S-E-Y? (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean) WSOU has been spinning the track about 15 times a week for the past two weeks, and the song is now top 10 on their charts. True. Also jumping on the 36 CF train, is the Sirius satellite radio metal channel "Hard Attack." The song is in "A" rotation on the channel, the format manager LOVES the song. What does that mean for you? Take your own stab at figuring it out. In the meantime, check out our MUSIC section for an MP3 download of a track from the band's upcoming release, a track titled "The Heart And The Shape."