Bob Nalbandian, the host of the acclaimed Shockwaves/Hardradio Podcast (available on and iTunes) will soon be launching a brand new series of podcasts called the Shockwaves Skull Sessions. The podcast will be devoted to discussions and debates revolving around various topics in Heavy Metal music. Nalbandian states, "I've had such great success with the discussion and debate-style Shockwaves/HardRadio podcasts, particularly the recent Judas Priest debate episode (with Roadrunner A&R exec Monte Conner and author/journalist Martin Popoff) as well as the Early Metallica episode (with Metallica book author Steffan Chirazi and John Kornarens) that I've decided to devote an entire series to these podcasts."

The first episode will be a debate on the Deep Purple catalog that will once again feature Monte Conner and Martin Popoff and should premiere around the second week of June. Future episodes of The Shockwaves Skull Sessions will not only feature reps in the music industry but also major metal artists. The podcast site will be hosted by Roadrunner Records at

The Shockwaves/HardRadio podcast will continue as usual featuring great artist interviews as well as indie music episodes. The current episode features Bob Nalbandian discussing metal music and the state of the music business with Monte Conner. In this 45-minute discussion Monte talks about the history of Roadrunner Records, gives advice to young metal bands in search of a record deal, and talks about the future of the recording business as well as the future for heavy metal and extreme metal.

For more information on The Shockwaves Skull Sessions you can go to or contact Bob Nalbandian at