Ready, Set, Go... Yesterday (01/22) marked the start of the recording process for Slipknot's sophomore effort. The band is currently in LA with producer Ross Robinson laying down tracks for their new LP (untitled as of yet, either that or just being kept a secret). Words about the new LP? Expect more. How can they repeat their last effort? Joey (#1) tells "We're barely touching what we can do...It's not one or two guys writing the music, so it's not limited on views. There's nine guys in our music. And it's only gonna continue to get sicker." Producer Ross Robinson tells "The new Slipknot record is going to go out there and destroy everything. This real shit is going to just destroy what else is out there." all above quotes were taken from the March 2001 issue of Guitar World. Recording of the new LP should wrap up sometime in the middle of April, and expected release is to be early summer 2001 (mind you, this is a tentative schedule).