What could possibly be better than holding four of a kind in high stakes game of poker? Why getting dealt 5 K's in a Kerrang! cd review, silly. Killswitch Engage, Alive Or Just Breathing (in stores May 21st) received just that. Read 'em 'n weep, sucka. the following Killswitch Engage review, as taken from Kerrang! magazine: Two words: thank f**k. Killswitch Engage may not be deliberately attempting to destroy nu-metal, but they are the first band in a long time to provide a decent alternative for those who like their metal as heavy as a wrought-iron sperm whale. Remember when Sepultura, Pantera and Machine Head were on top form? This mob do, and for the first time in aeons, here is an accessible metal album which is hugely exciting, seriously f**king savage and yet effortlessly, gloriously original. An invigorating combination of crunch-heavy, metalcore riffage, some truly breathtaking melodies and a massive dose of In Flames-style death metal muscle 'Alive Or Just Breathing' is a revelation. Killswitch Engage's greatness is evident from the first few seconds of opener, 'Numbered Days'. A crushing, chug-mungous intro grabs the attention, before the song erupts into deftly-controlled chaos - riffs and melodies are superbly intertwined as vocalist Jesse Leech unveils a truly staggering vocal range. It's a stone-cold classic and the finest opening tune on a mainstream metal album since 'Davidian' on Machine Head's 1994 debut. Yes, it is that good. Amazingly, this high quality remains constant throughout. First single, 'My Last Serenade', is one of the most memorable and affecting songs you'll hear this year - 'To The Sons Of Man' is a 'F**king Hostile'-style boot to the gonads and 'Self Revolution' is a supercharged maze of adrenalin-soaked melodic power. The remaining tracks are uniformly stunning and, at a mere 45 minutes in length, this is as compact and coherent an album as one could wish for. Most striking of all is the fact that Killswitch Engage, a comparatively young band, seem to have inwardly digested the last 20 years of heavy music and are gleefully spewing it out in 57 widescreen, technicolour varieties. If your world was rocked by 'Chaos AD', 'A Vulgar Display Of Power' or 'Burn My Eyes', then this should be at the top of your shopping list. This is a flawless, 21st century metal album that every self-respecting moshpit-monkey should be extremely excited about. - DOM LAWSON Put that in your pipe and smoke it... hear new Killswitch Engage now in our MUSIC section.