The shoot is over...but memories and words and video remain. And plenty of words we have for you. What you are about to read is a phone interview which we did with Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam, during the afternoon of their first ever video shoot - for the track "My Last Serenade". Following, is a piece written by KsE bassist Mike, the day after the shoot - a recap of the previous day's schedule. For reference, the video was shot on Thursday, April 24th, KsE resides in Boston, and the shoot took place in Los Angeles. The Adam interview, and Mike's recap are as follows, enjoy: Roadrunner: What was the flight to L.A. like? When did you leave? Adam: We left around five something in the evening (04/24), arrived in L.A. around 9:40pm (PST). Hell flight, lots of bumps. RR: Dude, you're flying over the Rocky Mountains and Great Lakes. What did you expect? Adam: I'm just a wuss...I hate to fly. RR: So, you're in California, it's the night before your video shoot, what do you do? Adam: We went to Taco Bell. They say they're better in California...and dude, they are. Bean Burritos are 69 cents, how fucked up is that? It was glorious! RR: Don't I fuckin' know it. ALL the fast food out there is superior. I'll drive up and down streets just pulling into drive thru's ordering whatever they have for 99 cents or less, and loving it. Every burger place has 99 cent quarter pound burgers. Fantastic. And not to harp on this subject, but the best is In 'N' Out Burger. Mmmmm Mmmm...AND, they even wrap the burger 'ready to eat' like if you are going to be driving whilst eating. Adam: What do they serve? RR: Just burgers - single or double, with or without cheese. Fries, too. Adam: Is that all they have? Do they have a chicken filet? RR: ALL they have? What more could you want? Yes, that's ALL they have. And I'm the one asking the questions here... Adam: ahhh, nasty. Dude, I can't do it. RR: In my country you'd be dead by now...(spoken under breath). Back to the video - so when did things start? Adam: We got to the hotel around midnight, slept about 4 ½ hours, started the video shoot at 5:30am. RR: Ahhh, that had to suck. Adam: I'm so tired... RR: What have you done so far? Adam: Stood on a red circle and rocked out. That's about it. Now Jesse is doing scenes with a lovely young woman. And yes, she's quite lovely...quite lovely in all the right places. RR: I think I know just what you're talkin' about...What's the premise behind the video? Adam: To be honest with you, I don't know the premise. ("Hey Tom," Adam screams in the background, getting more info on the video.) The lovely young woman is in this room, there is a shape and we're playing inside of the shape. It's like one of those county fair's. RR: And when do you head back to Boston? Adam: Flying tonight at 10pm. I'm gonna feel like hell. RR: You got that right - the ole' redeye. No matter how much sleep you get on the plane, you'll still feel like shit when you land in the morning. Adam: Plan to get drunk on the plane, and then sleep it off. RR: Any weird instances today? Adam: Tom hurt his finger. I messed up a guitar part, but it doesn't really matter cause we weren't plugged in...speaking of which, they glue cymbals together so they go 'boink' when you hit them, instead of the usual crash. I've been looking for lizards, haven't found any yet. RR: Lizards? Adam: Mike drank a lot to jump up and down...a little meeting with the beer bottle. RR: So all is cool, ya? Adam: Oh definitely, definitely. Having a blast, everyone's really nice. Tom's been on the hunt for women...he found some magazine last night along the lines of chicks with sticks. 'Look, she-males,' he proclaimed...he stayed up all night looking at it. (Adam laughs, joking for the most part, we are sure.) RR: Perhaps Tom and the chick in the video will hook up... Adam: We hope. And that concludes our interview with Adam. We thank him greatly for his time, and humor. We hope you enjoyed the communication. On another note, bassist Mike D was good enough to write up some words on the video the day after, Friday, April 26th. And it goes like this: "Just got back from LA. Wow, what an experience making the "MY LAST SERENADE" video was. Truly an amazing time was had by all in KsE - from the catering to the directing, everyone was extremely nice to us and made us feel right at home. Here was our brutal schedule: Fly in to LA from Boston (6.5 hour flight) at 9pm (12pm Mass time) Wednesday night. Got to the shoot at 5:30am Thursday morning, shot till 5PM, Grabbed a flight from LA to Boston (4.5 hours), arrived in Boston Friday morning at 6:30 AM.... and now I am at work putting in a full time day (what a life, who needs sleep?) Paul Brown, the director, was great... totally cool, made us feel comfortable and had awesome ideas for the shoot (Paul is a graphic designer/photographer/video director... he does it all, actually he is Marilyn Manson's personal graphic designer... he does some incredible shit). His positive attitude and enthusiasm for the video was second to none. All credit goes to him and his fine crew. The video consisted mostly of us on a circular red stage doing a live performance with crazy flourescent red lights all around us. Also included was some footage of an actress (Tracy) that was filmed for an intro and outro for the song, but we did the bulk of the work. Paul and crew shot everything in every way, shape, and form possible. Some of the hardest stuff to get the hang of was doing the slow motion (which is actually sped up) sequences and fast motion (which is slowed down) sequences. I gotta tell ya, it was a total work out, just like high school gym class, except ALL DAY.... we must have played the song 100 times. We were all sleep depraved, covered in sweat, and exhausted from the heat of the lamps - and yet we had the time of our lives. Guaranteed we will remember the experience forever! Special thanks to Paul Brown (director), Melissa (producer), Tracy (the hot chick in the video) and Leah (stylist).. Everyone ruled. We are truly grateful for this amazing experience!" Mike, thank you for the words and letting us know a bit about the experience. Surely the final piece will be great. Can't wait. In the meantime, make sure you all check out upcoming KsE tour dates (first ever Nat'l tour) in our TOUR section. AND, check out for a taste of what is to come... Alive Or Just Breathing in stores May 21st