Well, we are back. Yesterday (09/12) the Roadrunner office here in New York was closed due to the nature of what has been going on...but we are happy to report that all here in the NY office are fine. We wish all the best to everyone's loved ones and family. Now, we resume to giving you the word on what is going on with our bands... We are now happy to report the recording progress of Five Pointe O's debut. As written earlier, the band will be recording down in Texas, on a 1700 acre dude ranch, starting early September. Well, here is what has been doing, as told by guitarist Sharon: ~Saturday, Sept. 1...we finally got to Tornillo, Texas and took our tour of the ranch. It's a very cool place. We picked our rooms and then all headed to the studio to mess around with all the equipment. Tony, our drummer, and our producer Colin Richardson, started finding drum sounds. ~sept. 2-5...Tony, Colin, and three of the people that work at the studio (Justin, Joey, and Bobby) were all working hard on finding the right drums to be used. ~sept. 6-11...Tony had been working on tracking his drum parts for 5 or 6 days when last night on the 11th, he finished. He did a very good job and is excited to chill and watch everyone else start on their tracks. ~Wednesday, Sept. 12...Eric, our guitarist, and Colin have been downstairs all morning working on guitar sounds. Eric will go next and will most likely start tracking within the next couple days. We all hope everyone's doin ok after the craziness that went on yesterday.