A bit of an update for you from the world of video: Chimaira: Did you know? There is a new Chimaira video in, approved, done. True. It is for the song "Pure Hatred" off the band's latest album, The Impossibility Of Reason. The video is a montage of live footage from the band's touring thus far this year. It was edited and put together by none other than the man himself, Todd Bell. This is the same cat who made the 4 piece documentary The Making Of 'The Impossibility Of Reason' (see Chimaira's VIDEO section). And barring the use of the word motherfucker during the video, it has been added to MTV/Extreme, MTV2/Headbangers Ball and Fuse/URANIUM. We'll let you know air dates in the coming week or so, as soon as we know. And of course, soon you will be seeing it online here with motherfucker being screamed in all its glory. DevilDriver: dateline, Friday, October 10th, 2003...early/mid afternoon. What is the one thing being cranked out from creative services here? The sounds of DevilDriver's "I Could Care Less." The first rough of the video for this song - shot last Sunday in California - is in, and they are playing it over and over and over again. Not sure of changes needed, if any...but know that final version of the video should be in come 10/15...right when the band hits the road with Superjoint Ritual. Murderdolls: Check this out, before month's end, more Murderdolls merch will be on the streets. Come 10/28, we will be releasing a Murderdolls CD/DVD set. This bad-boy has 6 previously unreleased tracks, and a DVD of all the band's videos. And speaking of them videos, the video for "White Wedding" has been added to MTV/Extreme, MTV2/Headbangers Ball and Fuse/URANIUM. Once again, we'll let you know air dates when we know. Oh, and one last Murderdolls video to mention, "I Love To Say Fuck" (live). It is also on the DVD portion of this release, and should be up online upcoming.