The cameras will be rolling in July. There are four upcoming Roadrunner videos set (or about to be set) to be taped in July (or very early August). As follows: 36 Crazyfists - On July 6th in NYC's Chinatown, the 2nd video from 36 CF's latest release - A Snow Capped Romance - will be shot. The track, "Bloodwork." Video should be complete, approved, and in house come August 1st. Killswitch Engage - Supposedly at some point in the next 10 days, the 2nd video from KsE's latest release - The End Of Heartache - will be shot. The track, "The End Of Heartache." An August 1st in house is targeted. (Speaking of KsE, if you find yourself in need of sun screen at the summer concerts this year, keep your eyes peeled for RR Street Teamers...there is a new KsE promo item in house, and yes, it's sun screen and it will be passed out at outdoor shows all summer long) 3 Inches Of Blood - That is right...a 3 Inches Of Blood video is in the works. When/where it will be shot is still to be determined. In fact, the song has yet to be determined. But we do expect a finished video in house around mid-August. Cradle Of Filth - In either LA or the UK, at some point in most likely early August, Cradle Of Filth's first video for Roadrunner Records will be shot. Song is tbd, but the video should be in house come late August.