A couple weeks back, when we first put up the Slipknot Spit It Out European single release for streaming, we held a contest - 9 best suggestions for the name of the upcoming Slipknot album (of which nobody knows the name) get to take home a copy of this European only release, Spit It Out. (strictly off the record of course, just for fun) Well, thanks go to all who sent in suggestions, even those of you who sent in shitty ones (I hope you know who you are! just kidding). Here are the nine finalists, the nine winners of the contest - SEED - by Will McKnight De-Constructing Dreams - by Robert Diaz Purity denied - by Johnny Acosta Tragedy: A soundtrack to everyday life - by Ryan Patterson Malice, Control and Other Forms of Submission - by Les Foster InCoMpLeTe LiFe - by Ryan McNulty (by the way Ryan, you need but enter your submission only one time!) Mask Of Sanity - by Kenneth Bohannon (2nd time winner on the site!) Reality - by Stephanie Domoracki (the token female) and last but not least... 876543210 Countdown To Reality - by Eric Mowry Thanks again to all. For those of you listed above, keep your eye on the mail...your disc will arrive shortly.