As you are well aware (and will read in the following), Dry Kill Logic is home in NY for a week before heading back out with Fear Factory for the 2nd half of The Evolution Of Revolution tour. Well, the boys from Dry Kill Logic have been here in the Roadrunner office over the past couple of days, and vocalist Cliff took the time to write a couple words fer ya. They are as follows - Hey everyone: Cliff from Dry Kill Logic here. Just wanted to write you all and say what's up, and let you know what we've been up to the last few weeks. We've been out on the road with Fear Factory hyping our new record "The Darker Side of Nonsense", out June 19th, and the response we have seen from all you sick bastards out there has been more than we could ever imagine! Every night you have all kicked major ass, and we can't thank you enough for all the love we have received on the road. We're home for a week now getting everything ready for next Tuesday, and will be heading out on the road again starting Saturday, June 16th with Fear Factory in Philadelphia, one of our favorite places to play. We'll be all over the east coast, up into Canada, then across the top of the U.S. and down the west coast, with it all wrapping up August 5th or 6th in California. We look forward to meeting everyone along the way, and encourage all of you to come to a show and experience Dry Kill Logic live. That's all for now stay metal and keep it real! -Cliff & DkL This is the word of Dry Kill Logic...debut release The Darker Side Of Nonsense in stores June 19th.