Yes, the following verbiage can be found in our NEW RELEASES section under the Deicide In Torment In Hell cover...However, if you never check that page out, we feel you'd be missing out. Our very own Marketing Matt put together a few words describing the release, all true, and they go a bit like this: Peter, Paul & Mary move over . . . Clocking in at just under ½ an hour, Deicide's 8th album on Roadrunner is chock full of melodic guitars, sweet harmonies and enough hand claps and tambourines to make you feel like you are back in the Summer of Love. . . . wait a second, that's the wrong Peter, Paul & Mary. The Peter, Paul & Mary on Deicide's long-awaited In Torment In Hell, set to hit the streets on September 25th, are a little less "Puff the Magic Dragon" and a little more "body parts in a meat wagon". Glen Benton & Co. leave no stone unturned and no major religious figure unburned in their incendiary attack on organized religion, the government and just about everyone else who sucks. Fear not, Deicide isn't like your daddy - all fat and bloated with age - instead on In Torment In Hell, they lean and mean, stripped down and as pissed off as ever. Deicide is ready to bring the pain.