The Workhorse Movement are a 5 piece from Detroit, Michigan - a city that is currently a hotbed of exploding, new, cutting edge music ( Kid Rock, Insane Clown Posse, Eminen). Shit like this has put the city back on the map after it's 60's/70's heyday when The Stooges, MC5, Ted Nugent and Motown Records were big news. They have an amazing live show featuring their 2 powerhouse frontmen/singers - MC Myron and Cornbread. While Myron is the main singer, Cornbread is there as support and his Amish beard makes him one of the coolest looking guys on Planet Rock. Prior to joining the band, Cornbread used to just be a fan terrorizing the pit at their shows. One day he was invited onstage to guest on one song - and he never left!!!! These two guys work magically together on stage and give off an energy unmatched by the majority of their peers. Together, they are dynamite. Musically, picture 70% new school metal (say metal/rap) with a dose of Clutch and Black Sabbath and 30% of flavoring consisting of Motown, soul, funk and even stoner rock (one pulication deemed them to be a cross between Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ted Nugent, and Beastie Boys). The LP cover is pretty bold in that it features the band on the cover, and as you can see, they really pull it off and look like a pack of wild, bad-ass motherfuckers ready to raise some hell and open a can of wup-ass on all in their path. It really is a magical photo. The minute I saw it, I said to myself "that photo represents the band better than any words can". I loved it. "Sons Of The Pioneers" is the LP title and basically, says: We are The Workhorse Movement - the new breed, the new school from Detroit and we are here as the next generation - the sons of the metal pioneers like Black Sabbath and Kiss - here to carry the metal torch into the new millenium.