With all due respect to the Bob Johnsen Commemorative Seasonal Sampler which we previously put out, a new sampler is in the works. This time, you will have The Wrath of Ro. A new Roadrunner sampler titled Roadrunner Records 2001 Sampler, THE WRATH OF RO is in the works. It promises to be in house come mid-June, and will be distributed throughout the states by Roadrunner's ROADCREW (lead by none other than our very own RO himself) at a rock show near you - such as Spineshank shows, Fear Factory shows, The Warped Tour, and Pantera/Slayer (yes, the ultimate band does exist) shows, among others... This sampler will feature 10 songs, three of which are demos. The listing is as follows - Fear Factory "Linchpin" (off DIGIMORTAL - album out now) Dry Kill Logic "Nightmare" (off the upcoming THE DARKER SIDE OF NONSENSE, due out June 19th) Ill Nino "God Save Us" (off the upcoming REVOLUTION...REVOLUCION, due out August 7th) Spineshank "The Height Of Callousness" (off THE HEIGHT OF CALLOUSNESS - album out now...digi version due out July 24th) Sepultura "Border Wars" (off NATION - album out now) Downer "Flex" (off the self titled DOWNER - album out now) Anyone "Giving Thrills" (off the upcoming self titled ANYONE - due out August 21st) Chimaira "Dead Inside" (demo) Sinch "The Silent Acquiescence Of Millions" (demo) 36 Crazyfists "One More Word" (demo) As for the artwork on this piece? Well it is unmistakable. Just look for Ro in all his 'Brownsatanic' glory on the cover. "The Summer belongs to Roadrunner," prophesieses Ro on the subject on the cover...and you can check out the cover HERE.