Theory of a Deadman guitarist Dave Brenner was recently interviewed by the Grand Junction Sentinel; the band will be playing Rock Jam in Colorado on August 25.

Says Brenner about Theory's unique kind of fame, "I think people know our songs without knowing they are our songs. It’s always been a struggle for our band. We’ve always had radio success, but it’s been a struggle to have people put our name with the music they are hearing."

Whatever struggles the band may encounter, though, Brenner's sticking with it. "It was always the only thing I ever wanted to do. I remember getting out of high school and my mom being like, 'You going to school now?' I said, 'I’m playing guitar.' She didn’t seem to think it was a smart plan. ... I couldn’t imagine going home and doing something else with my life."

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Theory of a Deadman tour dates continue all the way into November; find a show near you!

The band's latest album, The Truth Is..., contains a number of songs you've probably heard on the radio, including "Lowlife," "Bitch Came Back," and "Hurricane"; get a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!