In this great land ours, we have grand areas of retreat known as strip clubs. Some better than others, but all fantastic in their own way... Inside these 'strip clubs' you will most likely hear loud music, many times that music being some of the best rock 'n' roll one could ever ask for...hell, Type O Negative, Nickelback and Fear Factory, among others, have all been heard over the speakers in such establishments (or so we are told). Well, following in the proud tradition of Roadrunner bands being played in these clubs, we add another to the list, Theory Of A Deadman. Yes, looks like Theory's cherry has been broken (no pun intended)...our favorite girl from the great state of (don't mess with) Texas - the one who brought us many a Nickelback story - excitedly relays the following: "Holy shit," Lisa starts. "Theory finally made it to the titty bar. I was walking around last night and it came on...I walked up to the dancer on stage and had to tip her for her fine choice in music. Of course she did a mock les-bi thing, but it was well worth it to hear 'Make Up Your Mind.'" do note: all the above is true Theory, welcome to the big time. for a complete listing of Theory tour dates, check our TOUR section...for a look at their new video, check out the Theory Of A Deadman ECARD