On the tale-end of their North American headlining run, Theory of a Deadman stopped in Seattle to rock out and talk about what's been going on in the Theory camp.

Having just played one of the Victory Ceremonies at the Vancouver Olympics, guitarist Dave Brenner says of the experience, "It was so cool. We had a day to walk around before the concert and the atmospheres was just… I’ve never seen a city so energized like that. There was a guy with a boombox on the street and about 10 people standing around bouncing and then on the main drag, Granville Street, there was a street hockey game with a semicircle of people watching and kicking the ball. The whole thing was awesome. We got to wear our Team Canada jerseys. Of course getting to do the show was great, BC Place is huge."

With the band's latest record, 2008's Scars & Souvenirs approaching platinum certification, Brenner talks about what went into it, saying, "On S&S we wanted to do music that was natural for us and we definitely hit some harder themes, but then had some ballady tunes too. It’s refreshing when your record label [Roadrunner Records] will allow you to do that. We’ve changed over the years, you know, we were finding our way and our taste in music changed too. But the fans went along with us and allowed us to grow. Especially for this record, the American fans have been amazing to us.

"We’ve played with so many types of bands, which was great because it put us in front of a large rock and pop audiences and hopefully we made some new fans. That’s our goal; to get our music to as many people as possible."

And as for the show that followed the interview? Melophobe.com assesses, "With Theory playing so frequently at gigs for so long, they have the show nailed down. Tyler Connolly is ultra-confident and talks to his crowd between songs. I’ve been to enough shows to know when the artist has no idea where they are on a given night and screws that up but Connolly frequently reminded the audience that he knew exactly where he was... Joey Dandeneau’s drumwork is second to none, filling the place with wall-to-wall percussion while Dave Brenner and Dean Back rendered studio-perfect licks on guitar and bass."

Check out some shots from the show below, and read the whole interview and show review right here.

Scars & Souvenirs, featuring hit singles "Bad Girlfriend," "All or Nothing" and "Little Smirk" is available online and in stores now. Get your copy RIGHT HERE!