Theory of a Deadman frontman Tyler Connolly was recently interviewed by During the course of the conversation, he discusses how his recent divorce fueled the band's latest album, The Truth Is..., as well as learning to be a lyricist, collaborating with outside songwriters, and more.
Connolly says he "was right in the midst of serious turmoil" when The Truth Is... was being written and recorded. "There wasn’t a lot of anger, I think it was more or less just the feeling of what was I going to do with the rest of my life just because you can’t just have your job, you can’t just have music, you have to be able to go home to something. You have to be able to call someone to tell them how great the show was or how you won an award — you have to have somebody in your life. I think at that point, when we were writing the new record, I didn’t have that. And so, I was just in this rotten place and topics just came out. I guess I feel a little bad about it at this point but unfortunately it’s out there now and now it’s the people’s songs. It’s theirs to have, it’s not mine anymore."
He also discusses his collaboration with songwriter Kara DioGuardi, saying, "It felt really natural when we would come up with ideas, we just meshed. I’ve written with some other people and it hasn’t worked out, it’s’re on a date sometimes and you feel like you have to get the hell out of there. Sometimes I go into songwriting sessions and I’m thinking that, but then working with someone like Kara is a dream come true, I’ve found the person that gets my songwriting. She’s amazing."
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