Theory of a Deadman frontman Tyler Connolly recently listed the five douchiest things about his adopted home of Los Angeles for the folks at Revolver. Here's what he came up with:

Everyone thinks they’re famous. No, really, even the waiters think they are actors… Oh wait…”

Everyone drives a nice car. Seriously! I pulled up to a guy at a light driving a new Mercedes and said, ‘Hey bro, nice car.’ He said, ‘Thanks. Wanna buy some oranges?’”

“Everyone in L.A. is in amazing shape!
Eat a cheeseburger, will ya?”

Chihuahuas and UGG boots. Chicks in L.A. gotta have multiple mexican dogs that match their multiple pairs of insulated slippers in 95 degree weather!”

“And the No. 1 douchiest thing you can only find in L.A

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