Theory of a Deadman vocalist, guitarist and lyricist Tyler Connolly recently stopped by Roadrunner HQ to talk about his newly launched advice column, Tell Tyler. While fans can relate to Connolly's "Bad Girlfriend" and understand that sometimes it's "Not Meant to Be," we checked in with the pompadoured frontman to find out just what his qualifications are in doling out advice.

Connolly explains, "I guess because I write relationship songs that maybe I can mend people’s problems. But no, I don’t have any special things on my wall saying I can help people deal with their issues, other than the fact that I’ve probably gone through a lot of them myself."

A jokester at heart, Connolly addresses the somewhat seriousness of his task, saying, "A lot of times I kind of goof around, but I’ll tell people honestly what I think, and whether or not it will help somebody, I guess we’ll have to find out."

"I’ve always connected to the lyrics and always felt that Theory of a Deadman is a lyric-driven band," continues Connolly. "That’s where we get a lot of our fanbase from -- relating to the issues in the songs, so it’s cool that I could do this Tell Tyler thing; it goes a little bit beyond just playing for people."

As for his own personal experiences, Connolly muses, "A lot of [the questions submitted] have to do with a similar problems in the songs, ironically. Some people will say, “I have this bad girlfriend, it’s like this,” and I’m like, “Yeah, I can understand…”

Ask Tyler your questions, get some answers, or just read what the very funny frontman has to say right here.

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