First, there was Amy S, the first to share with us weekly updates from her world of metal (each and every Friday). Now, there is Kathie...Kathie being the one who heads up the Roadrunner office out in LA (west coast, yo). Here is the first of many a forthcoming weekly update from the West Coast: LA gets a bad rap………. By Kathie Merritt Hey Folks, I live in Los Angeles, CA and am very proud of this fact. I moved my sorry ass here 12 years ago for a better life, and I found one. Having been born and raised in a suburb of lovely NYC, I had no idea about the intense hatred between the coasts, till I became a resident of LA/CA. I personally have no hatred for any city and am proud to have been in residence at what I think are the two coolest cities on the planet, but that said, I tried to find the root of where this hatred started. So humor me, would you??? My first thought was the weather!! LA has no real weather to speak of. It may rain for 4 days in February, that is it. HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THAT!! I think this maybe where the whole NY vs. LA thing started - East Coasters being envious of our dry, sunny weather. The weather in LA is so very consistent that recently a famous LA based weatherman was suspended from his job, due to his harassment of the female office staffers at the station. Why, you ask? HE HAD NOTHING TO DO AT WORK. His 3 hours a day of air time seemed dull, I image, due to the lack of weather in the area. This is a guy who would kill for a good Noreaster - but he's not getting one of those, is he?? My next thought was the SCENE!! Bands in LA have a cool image, lots of style, some even have a tan - something that may frighten someone from the East coast. Think of the history here - The Doors, Janes Addiction, Motley Crue and Odin (?)!!! ( if you saw The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2. – you know who ODIN is!!) So I can understand why the NY-ers are so jealous - after all, what good bands ever came out of NY?? Ok - so if you live in NY or LA – and you want to hate the other – that is fine! My beef now is with people from places that are far, far, far worse to live in than NY or LA that pick on LA – especially rock bands. For one, The GOO GOO DOLLS. I personally love that band, but on their release “Superstar Car Wash,” they spend some quality time bashing HOLLYWOOD -- they call it the “Ugliest place in the whole wide world.” Really, now let me remind myself, where are the GOO's from again?? Oh yeah, BUFFALO, NY!!! There is nothing ugly about BUFFALO, if you like frostbite and 20 ft of snow from Sept till June. OH BROTHER- see it brings us all back to the weather thing. Another LA bashing song is featured on my current favorite album “Theory of A Deadman,” by Theory of A Deadman (available now on ROADRUNNER RECORDS!!). On the track “What You Deserve” my pal Tyler Connolly talks about some places that he has never been – and says “I've never been to California, and I'll never care if I get there anyway.” I happen to know for a fact that his feelings about this have changed - he has now been to California - because I met him here - and I am certain that he will be printing a retraction in there next full length release. And for the record, Tyler is from Vancouver, Canada - which is actually a prettier place than LA. Also this song mentions that he does not wish to visit Tijuana, Mexico - for that he is wise beyond his years. So here's what my research has taught me - NY ers & LA ers are different, different people - but they should shine in the fact that they share one thing in common - their hatred for the other. Isn't that a lovely thought!!! HAPPENING IN LA : This week we are gearing up for the October arrivals of many of our ROADRUNNER favorites: SOULFLY, downthesun, Theory of A Deadman, Jerry Cantrell ….check the TOUR section for exact dates & venues. Till next week……….. Kathie