Theory of a Deadman guitarist/singer Tyler Connolly is seriously brand loyal when it comes to guitars - he loves Gibsons, period. So it's no surprise that he recently gave an interview to, talking about his favorite models, the recording process for the band's latest album, The Truth Is..., and more.

"I was using 11 guitars in a set on the last tour," says Tyler. "I had four 335s, four Les Pauls, a 175 and a J-200 acoustic, and it was just ridiculous that I had so many guitars. I had a guitar for every song. For our current tour, we cut it down. I’m using four guitars now, and it’s pretty much all Les Pauls. I’ve got this Gold Top that I’ve been using for quite a few songs now, and it just sounds badass. And I have a couple customs, too, that sound great."

In the studio, they use Gibson guitars, too, according to Tyler: "You go into the studio and have all the Gibsons lined up, and it’s just the character of those guitars. There aren’t a lot of guitars out there that have been built over the decades that have as much character as a Les Paul. For me, it’s one of the most distinguished sounds. When I bought my first Les Paul, it sounded like rock and roll."

To hear the results, check out Theory of a Deadman's latest album, The Truth Is..., available now in the Roadrunner webstore!