Theory of a Deadman frontman Tyler Connolly was recently interviewed by, and had a few things to say about the duality that exists in the band's songwriting and public persona. On the one hand, they're goofy guys with a great (if sometimes sharp-edged) sense of humor, but on the other hand, they frequently write tender, romantic love songs.

Says Tyler, "I’m a bit of a goof but I’m also a hopeless romantic so there’s songs like 'The Truth Is…' that’s just a fun, funny song and I love writing lyrics like that. Then there’s a song like 'Easy to Love You' which is something I really enjoy writing because – I feel like it’s almost like I have to write songs from my own point of view but I also like to write songs for the fans, like they hear a song and they’re like, 'Oh, I can totally relate to that.'"

"For us it all comes down to balance," he explains. "There’s I guess this perception about us being just, I don’t know, misogynistic to party band to dirty rock, but for us we always have songs like 'Bitch Came Back' or 'Lowlife,' but then we do have the songs like 'Hurricane' and 'Easy to Love You' and 'Outta My Head' that take on – not necessarily a lighter side — but maybe a different aspect."

There's a lot more in the full interview, including talk about the band's touring plans, where they see themselves fitting into the contemporary rock scene, what Tyler listened to growing up in Canada, and much more. So read the whole thing!

Theory of a Deadman tour dates continue all the way through September - including one in Honolulu, Hawaii! Find a show near you!