Theory of a Deadman's new single, "Drown," is out today—hear it in the clip above! "Drown" is the first single from the band's upcoming fifth studio album, SaVages, which will be available everywhere July 8. Get "Drown" on iTunes now!

Frontman Tyler Connolly says of SaVages, “We went back to where we belong on this record, back to the angst, back to the darkness. We veered off the road a bit on this one but it took us right to where we needed to be.” About "Drown" in particular, he says, “‘Drown’ is about being alone, the feeling of being washed away and left to your own devices. We’ve all felt that way at some point in our lives; unable to stay afloat, we sink to the bottom which always seems easier in the end than fighting your way back to the surface.”

Theory of a Deadman will be on tour throughout the spring and summer—find a show near you!