This week's winning RATT story comes from Shannon P. who recollects a touching heart-to-heart with the late, great Ratt n' roll guitarist Robbin Crosby.

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Writes Shannon, "On the 'Invasion Of Your Privacy' tour, I was so excited to learn that my favorite band RATT was coming to our area! I saved my money and got my tickets and couldn't wait for the show. Six days before the show, my grandfather passed away. He was everything to me and I didn't think anything could pull me out of my depression. The funeral was set for the day of the RATT show. There was no way I could attend, but my family members urged me to go thinking I needed a lift especially on that day.

"The band put on an amazing show and my dream had come true. After the show, I waited outside the arena to try to get a glimpse of the band. Robbin Crosby came out so I approached. He looked down at me (way down..he was HUGE!) and said 'hello' in that booming voice. I held up my cassette and he smiled and took it and signed it for me. I should have been beaming but he noticed something was wrong and said... 'are you ok? What did you think of the show?' I said I loved it. He asked again what was wrong and I told him of coming from my grandfather's funeral that day. He gave me a nice hug and said 'tell ya what come with me'. He took me inside the venue and introduced me around, showed me one of his guitars and we talked about what I went through and his stories of losing friends and family. He really inspired me and eased the pain I was in.

"The next day I decided to learn how to play guitar and I still play to this day. He really was a great guy. When I learned of his passing I couldn't help but think back to that night and thought of the great person that was lost when we lost 'The King'. I'm very happy that my favorite band has carried on and is still making such great music. RATT will always have a special place in my heart and I wish them the best success."

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