This week's winning RATT story comes from Dave C. who recalls a misty-eyed meeting of the band (and man in guitarist Warren DeMartini) that shaped him to be the musician he is today.

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The winning story:

"Like so many other people worldwide, I was in my teens when I first heard the Ratt demo. At that time I was a guitar hero at my high school because I could play like Jimmy Page and the singer in my band somehow got a copy of the Ratt demo here in Ohio before Ratt signed with Atlantic. What seemed like a few months later, Ratt released an album that would change my approach to not only my own music career but my own style of playing. That album was, of course, Out Of The Cellar. My band promptly bought the Ratt VHS video and at that point I was absolutely hooked.

Fast forward to 2007; after spending 25 years playing guitar and being influenced by so many bands it finally hit me exactly how much Ratt touched my soul. It was August 2nd,  I was attending a Telsa concert when I met a woman who saw my band play. She asked if I was a fan of Warren’s. I said “oh yes for sure”. [She] said that I look like Warren and that it had to be intentional. I said yep. Next thing I know she hands me two meet & greet passes to the Ratt show coming up on August 6th. Apparently, the woman I just met was a promoter for the Lifestyles Community Pavilion here in Columbus Ohio. On the 6th, I met the woman promptly at 2:30 and as promised I was able to enter the building early and watch Ratt as they went through sound check. I was in awe. Next thing I’m being escorted to the side of the stage where I meet Bobby, Robbie and finally Warren. When I finally met Warren it hit me in one big rush that I just met the guys who shaped me into the musician I am today. This was like meeting the Beatles. Here I am face to face with the people who wrote the soundtrack to my entire life. I couldn’t hold back the emotion and I started to cry like a 12 year old schoolgirl.

Later that night, having heard that I had been so overcome by emotion, Warren asked for me “The guy with the Iron Maiden shirt” and next thing I know someone from the Ratt tour escorted me back to the Ratt dressing room. Warren and I spent a few minutes talking before he had to go. It was a night I’ll never forget.

Fast forward to 2010; I heard “Best Of Me” for the first time and I immediately got chills listening to Warren’s solo in the beginning of the song. I’m so thankful that I was alive to witness, first hand, this moment in music history."

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