Our final week's winning RATT story comes from Alex, who recalls a charming account of jumping on stage with the band before he even knew what he was doing (with the picture to prove it.)

We'd like to thank all the Ratt n' Rollers who contributed their heartfelt Ratt stories as our contest comes to a close with the release of the band's first album in over 10 years, Infestation, out today!

Here's the winning story: "It was Friday the 13th of March 1987. My best friend and I had tickets to go see our common favorite band, Ratt! We drove down to the Philadelphia Spectrum and, of course, parked next door at "Pole 19" in the parking lot of J.F.K. Stadium. (It was the light post around which all of the kids from Council Rock High School tailgated.) After hanging out a while, we headed inside. I think we missed the entire opening act, Poison. We got inside with our General Admission tickets and found a couple of great seats on Warren's side of the stage. Ratt's show was awesome! The band, the sound, the lights, the pyrotechnics, and even the stage were all awesome! The girls were going nuts for Stephen in a cut-up Philadelphia Flyers tank top. Warren, Stephen, Juan and Robbin all really worked the stage. I was able to get a bunch of close-up shots of each of them as they came over to our section of the Spectrum.

Toward the end of their show, they left the stage and came back for an encore – it was "Round and Round." I don't know what came over me but, all of a sudden, I looked down and noticed that one of the roadies had left a big flight case in the aisle between the stage and the first level seating where we were. Then, I just handed Murry my camera and told him, "I'm going up there" as I pointed to the band onstage. He looked at me a little sideways and off I went. With one step on top of the case and one more onto the stage, there I was. I looked down at my Nike high-tops and realized that they were really standing on the metal grating of Ratt's stage! At that moment, my arms uncontrollably shot up toward the ceiling with fists of triumph as I looked out over the crowd on the floor in front of me. I got my composure and turned to my right to find Warren and Stephen right beside me. I tapped Stephen on the shoulder, put my hand out and offered to shake hands with him – which he did. Then, just a moment later, I saw the swarm of Security Guards accumulating on the stadium floor at my feet and I gestured to them, "okay, okay, I'm getting down." I hopped down at the side of the stage where I'd earlier crossed over. As soon as I hit the ground, I was immediately put into a headlock and "escorted" behind the stage, through the tunnel, and to the exit beside the closed garage door at the bottom of the ramp. Since my left ear was firmly squashed up against the Security Guard's blazer and my right ear was intermittently pressed up against his bicep, all I could hear was something like, "Think you can just…", "I aught to…" as he tugged me past the tour busses. When I got outside, I was so happy and I couldn't believe that I actually jumped up onstage with Ratt!

The concert was over and people were leaving. So, I went around to where Murry was likely to come out and, when he emerged, he was so happy for me. The whole ride home, he just kept on repeating, "I can't believe you did that!" The next day, when I got my pictures back from the one-hour photo lab, I found that Murry came through and took a snapshot of me while I was up on stage extending my hand out to Stephen Pearcy. It's been a treasured memory of mine for over twenty years and I'm so lucky to also have a photograph of the event that I can share with others. Ratt n' Roll forever!"

's first album in over 10 years, Infestation, is out TODAY! Get your copy NOW!