You might remember Amy S. from Roadrunner news updates such as THE QUEEN OF METAL, or another cleverly titled same same, THE QUEEN OF METAL. Well, Amy does our metal radio here at Roadrunner, and starting now, her weekly update from her world of Metal. This Week In Metal, vol. I Each week, I'm going to give you a little update on what's going on with ROADRUNNER bands and commercial block metal shows and college metal shows around the country. I'll also give you updates on me - Amy S, high priestess of all things M-E-T-A-L - and my quest to attend over 150 shows this year. Tomorrow will mark show #136, as I see SNAPCASE/BOYSETSFIRE/ATREYU at NJ's Birch Hill. Right now, we're working FEAR FACTORY's Concrete (some real extreme death metal circa 1989 sound - the kind of death rock that certain stations play exclusively in the wee hours of night) and SEPULTURA's Under A Pale Grey Sky, which allows us to work with some of the supa dupa extreme stations who won't play our records unless they're evil, angry, and 100% vicious. This week, I have two records in the top 10 at WCLH/Wilkes-Barre, PA. 'CLH is a significant college station, and they like to keep their metal rotations "classic." Some newer Roadrunner artists don't fit their format, but when I sent 'em FEAR FACTORY and SEP LIVE, whoa! I hardly ever have a record in their top 10 and this week, I have two! A pretty notable accomplishment. My favourite station this week is KZCD/Lawton, OK. "Critter," the Roadrunner-loving host of "Altered State," did a seven hour metal program last week. He kicked off his show by playing the entire Sepultura Under A Pale Grey Sky album - that's two discs and a lot of cuss words - without interruption. He played the first disk, did a brief intermission for listeners to go get a beer and take a piss and then resumed ass kicking with disc two. Critter contemplated doing the whole thing over again, since some listeners called in, upset that they missed the beginning of the concert. Critter is so dedicated, he dropped the album into a digital editor and deleted all the cursing. Critter says, "A lot of the cursing was in the in-between song speaking parts, so it was easy to do. We made it sound seamless. We removed the "eff" and took crowd noise and placed it where the "eff" word was so it did not sound edited." Critter gave us a whopping 28 spins. It must have felt like a live broadcast of a Sepultura contest in Oklahoma. Altered State listeners must have felt like they were transported back to 1996, when Max Cavalera was still fronting Sepultura. Critter has seen all incarnations of Sepultura and he says, "Someone was thinking ahead! A date that will live in infamy. It's a bombastic, fire-breathing son-uv-a-bitch. When I listen to this disc, I want to light fires and dance naked. I want to be uninhibited and rejoice in the roots of Sepultura. It's a beautiful thing." Thanks for the support, Critter. I'm gonna crank the disc and strip off my clothes tonight. -amy s.