Three items on the Thornley tour front to announce. As follows: 1) Thornley is confirmed as direct support for 3 Days Grace starting June 5th in Albany, NY and ending on June 26 in Seattle. (locals to open.) The tour will play mainly 1000 seaters, and be hitting towns such as Dewey Beach, Richmond, Hartford, Boston, Poughkeepsie, Providence, Charlotte, Knoxville, Memphis, and Seattle. 2) Thornley is confirmed as 1st of 4 acts for the upcoming Nickelback/3 Doors Down, Puddle Of Mudd tour starting June 29 in Minny. Thornley's run on this tour will go until July 16th in Hershey, PA. Markets include: Minny, Milwaukee, Duluth, Sioux City, Detroit, Cincy, Cleve, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston, Holmdel and Hershey. 3) And last but not least, Thornley is now confirmed as direct support to Finger 11, starting July 19th. Expect this tour to hit towns such as Portland, Sayerville, Norfolk, Towson, Rochester, Toledo, Detroit, FT Wayne, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Dayton, Indy, Memphis, Little Rock, Tulsa, St Louis, Lawrence, and Louisville. check our TOUR section for all dates...and check back soon, as many more are about to be added. debut Thornley release - Come Again - in stores May 11th