The start of October last night (10/01) saw doubleDrive down in Mississippi. MmmmmHmmmm... For the next three dates, doubleDrive will be continuing on the road with Manmade God down in Florida...including one date with Bastard Pie. "Now that's a name," tells dD frontman Donnie. "Almost as good as Rebels Without Applause," he continues. Coincidentally enough, doubleDrive played with Rebels Without Applause in Rockford, IL a couple months back...and they note a pretty good band too. "Singer was a heavy set guy, right after one track, his line was, 'Is that Quiznos open?' And then onto another song." Next up on doubleDrive's road agenda is looking to either be headin' back out on the road with Seether, or a headline run of their own. As the band tells, the pros for both are solid. Headline means playing over an hour, Seether pros include hittin' the road with buddies...As Donnie tells, "(it's) always good when you're in a situation where everybody's cool, and that's a cool situation." Plans should be confirmed within the next week or so. Until then, a look back at a couple recent dD shows: Birmingham (9/26): Unbelievably packed. Lots of gear swappin'. Mike played Kevin's (Seether) drums. Donnie used Pat's (Seether) cabinet. We shared a lot of great between the bands that week. Birmingham brought us a little closer. Huntsville (9/27): Outdoor festival. Big Spring Park. Probably about 9-10,000 people there. Highlight: we shared the stage with the Whalers. That was pretty cool. stay tuned. doubleDrive Blue In The Face out now